New York City ER staff need your help

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Join us on our ambitious campaign to get rescue N95 masks in the hands of each and every person who works in a New York City ER.

We hope to raise an estimated 1.5 million, for REUSABLE N95s for ED staff across NYC.  In the weeks to come, as the supply chain dictates access to PPE, ordered supplies may not reach the front line worker in time. These masks that we hope to donate would serve as rescue masks.

Join us, every dollar counts.  Thank you for your support.

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Message from
Elizabeth Gomes, Founder, Emergency Aid USA Inc

Being a health care professionals on the front lines in New York City is tough, but doing it in the midst of personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages makes it surreal.  Each NYC hospital is doing it’s best, but we need more and unfortunately, that need will continue…

Our supply chain will dictate our safety and the safety of our patients forcing us to routinely question:

What will be today’s policy regarding getting a set of PPE?

Will there be enough?

To what extent will I be exposed, then how many will I contaminate as I get gas/food/see non-COVID patient?

New York City ER staff need your help.  There are already many shortages of all types of PPE; the most important piece of PPE, the one thing we cannot do our jobs without, are N95 masks.  As recent as March 1, 2020, we used N95 masks as single use, single patient equipment. We used a new one every time for each patient encounter, even if it was to see the same patient a second time.  Now we are grateful for one N95 mask to use for a whole 12-hour shift!

We need your help to get rescue masks (REUSABLE N95 masks with replaceable filters) for all ED frontline providers.  We, at Emergency Aid USA, want to donate reusable N95 masks made in the USA to support our frontline healthcare team in NYC.  We know our goal is ambitious, but together we can do it!!

Please donate now through GoFundMe link below.

Emergency Aid’s current goal is to raise funds to provide essential equipment to health care workers in NYC. They need our help!

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One mask with 10  filters is $120

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